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Howard Gardner Community School will conduct ELAC/DLAC meetings All families are welcome to attend. 

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022


All meetings will be held at 5pm


Howard Gardner Community School Auditorium




Howard Gardner Community School


October 19, 2021 5pm



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Imagine Language & Literacy: Helping your student succeed at school and at home
Dear Families,
Welcome! Your student has been enrolled in Imagine Language & Literacy for the new school year! Imagine Language & Literacy is an adaptive, interactive program that teaches language and literacy concepts at your student's level and helps them practice what they've learned. To learn more about Imagine Language & Literacy, visit
Your Student's Experience in Imagine Language & Literacy
Imagine Language & Literacy uses engaging, interactive games, books, songs, and videos to teach language and literacy concepts like letters and sounds, rhyming, vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension skills, and more. When your student starts in Imagine Language & Literacy, they take a Benchmark Assessment (chosen by your school district) which identifies their current skill level and places them on their own personalized learning path.
As your student uses Imagine Language & Literacy, it adapts to their performance level, helping them learn and practice the skills they need. When your student answers questions correctly, they earn virtual tokens to play additional games, spend time in the Imagine Language & Literacy reward environments, and customize their avatar. Imagine Language & Literacy also provides audio language support in 15 languages to help English language learners.
Using Imagine Language & Literacy at Home
Your student can access Imagine Language & Literacy in a web browser from any computer or tablet (no smartphones) by logging in with the URL and login information below. Or you can download the Imagine Learning Student application to Chromebooks from the Chrome Web Store, to iPads from the App Store, and to Android devices from Google Play and Amazon. Check to ensure your computer or tablet meets the minimum technical requirements. To maintain your student’s unique, personalized learning path and report accurate growth and progress, only students who are officially enrolled in Imagine Language & Literacy should use it from home.
Supporting Your Student's Progress
You can help your student succeed by being involved in their Imagine Language & Literacy experience. Follow these recommendations to get the most of out of Imagine Language & Literacy this school year:
l Encourage your student to use Imagine Language & Literacy at home.
Provide a distraction-free workspace and encourage your student to be thoughtful and attentive as they play the interactive activities.
l Review any stories or printouts that your student brings home from school. Ask your student to read the stories aloud to you and review the skills taught in any printouts.
l Review your student’s progress with their teacher.
Discuss your student’s overall progress and growth, test results, performance predictions for state tests, and skill areas where your student may be struggling.
At Howard Gardner Community School, we are excited to partner with our families and programs such as Imagine Learning to build literacy for all our students. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Ilko at [email protected] or call the site to make an appointment to review the materials. We are better, together!