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Syllabus & Class Policies



Under California's “compulsory education” law, every child between the ages of 6 and 18 must attend school.  Though HGCS will only be offering distance-learning at this time, attendance is still mandatory.  Teachers will take attendance regularly and the consequences for tardy behavior and/or truancy remains the same as if we were in the physical classroom.  We have made sure your children have computers, clarity of purpose and access to the internet, wherever possible.  So, if any of those three elements are missing, please communicate that to your child’s teacher immediately, so they can resolve the issue.  Beyond that, our expectations for distance-learning and Zoom are as follows:


Bee Respectful

  • Students must log into each session on time
  • Wear appropriate clothing during Zoom lessons
  • Not chew gum during lessons
  • Attend regularly, as their attendance will be monitored
  • Remain kind to other students/their teacher (for instance: poor connections sometimes make it difficult on teacher and students, as people can get ‘cut off’ mid-thought. So, patience will go a long way.)
  • Communicate weekly, if need be, to express concerns, frustrations or even give your teacher a virtual hug!


Bee Safe

  • Student activity is visible 24/7 and will be monitored. Any child engaging in inappropriate discourse with another HGCS student or someone outside of school may be disciplined.
  • Each class will address cyberbullying and safety, age-appropriately, and students are expected to adhere the guidelines provided by their teachers.
  • Students must keep all food and drinks (except water) away from their computer
  • Computers are costly. All students are responsible for keeping their computers safe, clean, and well-maintained.  Any broken parts or non-working elements should be reported to the teacher right away.
  • Students should NOT carry the computer by its lid, pick off keys on the keyboard, or push anything into the jacks on the computer.
  • Students have to remember to stay COVID-safe. They should never share their computer with anyone outside their home for any reason.
  • Students are responsible for not losing their computer.


Bee Present & Bee Invested

  • Students need to stay focused and have their eyes on the teacher during Direct Instruction
  • Students may not mute themselves, and they may not hide their video. Teachers have to monitor for understanding.
  • Students, unless otherwise instructed, must sit properly in a chair -- not lay down or participate from bed
  • Students will be graded on their participation and attendance, as normal, as well as their work.
  • No eating or drinking during lesson time or assignments, please. (Water is fine.)
  • All students should finish and submit all assignments on time and with vigor
  • In grades 3-8 students are 100% responsible for knowing their schedule and adhering to it. Grades TK-2 will require some help from their parents only in the initial few weeks, but help after that is always welcome.
Children of this age need clear rules, instructions and --- lead time.   They should be respected, listened to, and heard. In addition, proper role-modeling is necessary.  This year, I’d like to focus on the principles embodied in the acronym THINK. 

I like to focus on lauding positive behavior rather than dwelling on negative choices.  Even with our positive and loving environment, virtual or in class, there are bound to be misunderstandings, meltdowns, hurt feelings and the normal socio-emotional challenges of being nine/ ten years old.  In those instances, please familiarize yourself with the flow chart below, as this will be – to the best of my ability – how all consequences will be handled.  NOTE: DRAMATIC OVERSTEPS TO CLASS RULES MIGHT MANDATE SKIPPING ANY PARTICULAR STEP BELOW.






Behavior Policies are further out lined in the HGCS parent handbook.