Not a goodbye but, a see you later!

Dear 1st grade parents and guardians,
I would like to say what an amazing year it has been. It has been nothing short of incredible to watch your children grow, learn, and become remarkable human beings. I have learned more from them than I think they have learned from me. Your students have taught me to be a better teacher through differentiation of lessons, showing compassion for all individuals, and celebrating all cultures. This is why it grieves me to say that I will not be returning next school year. I will be returning to my home state of South Carolina to fulfill a scholarship obligation that I had prior to moving to California, in addition to my husband's next deployment. I appreciate all of your support this school year in the aiding of nurturing these young minds. My heart will always be with my 1st graders and the HGCS faculty and staff, without them, I would not be the teacher I am today. I will be letting the students know of this change today in the afternoon by reading the story, "The Invisible String" by Patricia Karst. This story details that no matter how far away a person is from another person, they are always connected by an invisible string attached to our hearts. I read this story at the very beginning of school, and I find that it is fitting to read it again. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 
With all of my love,
Mrs. Braddock